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Dakota Entertainment welcomes you to Scotty's Bluffs Community Center for the second Scotts Bluff Music Festival on Saturday, June 4. We promise to make the event as stress-free as possible, while providing the highest quality entertainment.

The BILL EMERY Band will make great music and make a variety of their favorite songs dance. We had the pleasure of dancing with them in big cities like New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and many others. The live music of Band of Gold will create memories that will last forever for you and your guests. Wedding variety bands usually play variety music, oldies and new songs at your wedding reception and will keep you dancing until you reach the 40s and 90s.

The Tiger Pep Band warms up the home team crowd when they perform at Scottsbluff High School football games and other events. The group scores consistently in the competition and plays a variety of styles, including pop, funk, swing and rock. This routinely superior point range rotates between Bridgeport, Lodgepole andScotts Bluff for other marching festivals, including Ogallala, Sidney, Bridgeports, Lodgepole andScottedbluffs.

The band played their first gig in October 1961 at a private birthday party and their first public dance at Scottsbluff High School later that month. The Dynamics continue to play regularly and enjoy being one of the longest running rock bands in Scott's bluff history. They are still active in the local music scene, performing at local festivals, concerts and other events across the state and across the country.

The Dynamics have expanded their base by playing at local festivals, concerts and other events in Scottsbluff and across the state. The band still draws crowds, often attracting names and performers from the area, but also from New York and California.

The only band that came close was Rumbles Ltd., which has been performing in Scottsbluff since they were formed in 1962-63. In 1963, the band played their first major in town at the VFW in Ogallala, NE.

At the end of 1962 Rich Rohnke decided to join the military and Dynamics engaged Paul Asmus, who gave the band a new dimension with a saxophone.

He studied with Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter and pianist John Coltrane before moving to Longmont, Colorado, where he still lives. He studied at the University of Colorado in Boulder under the tutelage of the late Dr. John, the legendary jazz saxophonist and composer.

Larry "Bobby" Soto left the band and Randy Meisner went looking for a record deal, but fortunately for him, Dynamics did not ask him to join Soul Survivors, who later changed their name to Poor Poor. Only 500 copies of the original record were pressed and Ruff produced the LP Omaha Bugsy Maugh. The EP was reissued in 2002 to celebrate the 30th and 35th anniversary of the band.

After attending school for social work, he worked as an accountant and optional psychologist while pursuing an acting career in Los Angeles. He continued to teach music and film and many of his students became professional performers. At the time, he stepped down as casting director and starred in the original musical theatre work Precipice, which premiered in September 2008.

In the 1960s, he was picked up by KOMA Radio in Oklahoma City, OK, which took him north and played on state television in the country. His first film, "Wilderness Journeys," was broadcast on state television in 2001 and 2004. His other music films include "Journey Through the Passage," which was partly filmed in Yellowstone Park, and "Music from the Islands," which was shot in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

A promoter named Hap Ellis brought not only local acts to the arena, but also many well-known record artists such as Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, George Harrison and John Lennon. The Dynamics brought a sold-out crowd to the stage this weekend, and he is considered one of the best, if not the best, local rock'n "roll acts.

The band's first album, "The Cure," was released in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The Checkers provided the members of the band Vee with a list of band names and the band chose The Dynamics. After many Midwestern bands put on a show and a band look, they expanded their band to a six-piece band, which was expanded by a singer, guitarist, bassist and drummer, as well as a keyboarder. When he heard about the popularity of their dance show on KOMA - TV in Omaha, he decided to use an inexpensive ad in KOMA to promote his dance.

Randy played on most Eagles albums, including the classic "Hotel California," and he joined Rick Nelson and the Stone Canyon Band in the late 1990s and joined Linda Ronstadt's backup band. While the album features some vocal covers of Eagles songs, the nameless band has mostly worked on instrumental covers, limiting itself to a few guitar solos, a guitar solo and a vocal cover of "The Cure," but not much else.

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