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Alexander Payne's Nebraska, which is due to be released in late 2013, was struck with an axe just days before the shooting, according to a report Tuesday by the Omaha World-Herald.

The plot revolves around a young couple visiting an exclusive restaurant on a tropical island, only to discover a shocking surprise. In 2002, Payne's first feature film, "Sideways," about a recently retired man embarking on an adventure with his estranged daughter, hit theaters. It is about a man dealing with the aftermath of a boat accident involving his wife, and in 2004 another film, Sideways, followed, about two middle-aged men who go on a trip to the Caribbean to celebrate Jack's upcoming wedding.

It stars Paul Giamatti and Thomas Hayden Church, and is about a dim-witted woman who happens to get pregnant. In the film, John Travolta plays a young man in his 20s who has an affair with a woman.

To perform the tasks of the work, team members must work on movable mechanical parts at least 6 hours a day, seven days a week. They must stand, walk and stand for 6 hours each for 2 hours and will continuously lift and carry 1-10 pounds and occasionally carry 11-20 pounds. In order to fulfil their duties in this position, they must perform 3-4 hours of service in this position daily, 7-8 hours, 7 days a week. Each team member must continuously carry and lift 1 to 10 weights, occasionally lift 11 to 20 weights, and sometimes carry 12 to 14 pounds or 12 to 16 pounds.

In addition to the food service and the entertainment with bus tables, the host maintains the cash desk area and supports the waiters with drinks. Welcome and recognition of guests on arrival at the restaurant and assistance with special seating requirements. Offer and accept gracious help if necessary, and show humor and respect for guests and staff as well as the staff.

Keep the lobby, cash register and cake cases organized and stocked and report on time, in uniform and ready for action. Maintain a professional appearance, including personal hygiene, as well as clothing for the job. Petrol stations, banks and other businesses providing other essential business services (including Christmas tree sellers) may remain open.

German authorities, who are expected to begin vaccination later this year, are urging people to be patient and respect the rules around the holidays. Health Minister Jens Spahn said Germany was ready and could start vaccinating as early as next week, in time for Christmas and New Year.

Payne is also the son of David Zellner, who heads the Nebraska Department of Public Health and the Office of Immunization Services.

In 2000, he took on the lead role in the comedy "Meet the Parents," and the film also won an Oscar and a Golden Globe for best adapted screenplay. He also wrote the screenplay with Jim Rash, who won it, and received an Oscar nomination for his screenplay, which was also nominated for an Emmy for best adapted screenplay for "Adapted from a Novel." In 2004, Payne won another Oscar and another Golden Globes, this time for the screenplay for "The Hunger Games," which he also wrote and co-wrote.

The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, where it was praised by all sides and ended up winning 10 out of 10 critics "prizes.

Germany was widely praised for slowing the outbreak's spread in the spring, but as people got used to lax rules of detachment and masking in the summer, the number of cases rose again. Faced with exponentially rising cases in October, Germany introduced curbs in early November that shut down bars and restaurants.

The restrictions are expected to last until at least January 10 and have broad support, with the latest poll showing that more than 80% of Germans support the restriction and believe that the restrictions should be tighter. But the state's governor said more drastic restrictions may be needed, calling it "pure poison" if too many people still leave the country.

In Saxony, where the virus is currently spreading most rapidly in Germany, hospitals are filling up. The institute said Tuesday that it had exceeded its previous daily death toll, with 952 more people dying from the virus in the 16 German states. That was more than double Friday's previous daily high of 598 deaths, including the hardest-hit eastern German states, which had not reported any until Tuesday. In total, 1,813 deaths from an outbreak of the virus have been recorded in the country, up from 149 out of 100,000 a week ago.

After earning his MFA at UCLA Film School, Payne forgot a contract with Universal Pictures for screenplay and direction. His successful graduation film "The Passion of Martin" caught the attention of the industry, but he was not nominated for an Oscar for his screenplay for "About Schmidt." The second film, "The Election," starring Matthew Broderick and Reese Witherspoon, which focuses on politics and education in America, attracted attention when it was named best film in 1999. Dennis Dugan directed, with Adam Sandler and Kevin James in the lead roles.

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